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I’m an Asian forgeiner in Việt Nam. I’m an engineer machinery at a company in district 1. I’ ve been in Việt Nam for 2 years.

Before i go to work in Việt Nam i smoked a lot cigarettes. But since i came to work in vnmese company i can’t smoke . So that i thought i had to quit smoking. After a while i find out the way online i knew about e-cig and vape. I think it is very suitable for me and it can help me quit smoking. But i dont know where to buy vape at the good price and not be scammed because i have heard other people say that some vietnamese shop may cheats forgeiners people and sell to them much expensive. I search for nearby vape shop then i went to some shop near District 3. But when i came to those nearby vape shop i felt dissatisfied with their services. They didn’t greet me even though i were the only customer at that time. Then they only shown me most expensive items that don’t fit my needs. When i asked them about vape knowledge they proved uncomfortable and do not want to answer me. The same situation occurs when i go to some other nearby vape shop. Then i go to shopping online but so much clone devies are selling in Vietnamese net. Fortunately, my friends introduced me to Vape24h-Sai Gon, Viet Nam Vape Shop where is nearby vape shop only sell authentic device, authentic e-liquid and vape accessorries.

nearby vape shop

So i decided to come to Vape24h in District 10. My first impression of the shop was the staff greeted me very enthusiastically, they look very professional and friendly. They asked me what i used for and advised me very carefully. Although i asked so much about how to use, what suit for me, what i need to do, price, etc … but they are not uncomfortable, still reply enthusiastically. After checking the price of other stores on net, i think Vape24h is selling for me best price so i decided to buy immediately. They build the fuseclapton coils for me free and change cotton free when i want. They guide me how to change cottons, how long that i need to change the coils, how i fill the juice, what accessories i need to use very carefully. I feel very easy to understand and can do it right after that because of their professionalism. Then they give me warranty card and told me they will warranty 1 change 1 to me in 3 months if the error cause by the manufacturer. I’m very pleased about the attitude of employees and my authentic vape mod. They guide me very carefully about my vape and how to use it.

I think Vape24h is the best vape shop that you must visit there if you want to Vape and quit smoking. If you are finding nearby vape shop or best vape shop for forgeiners you should go to Vape24h vape shop. I’m not pr for the shop that was my own experience. I think from now on i just buy vape at Vape24h shop. They make me fell comfortable because their boss said Customer is God. Thanks for reading.

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